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Anytime, Free, and Easy Learning Opportunity

Language help is an opportunity for students to meet our bilingual team so students can polish their language skills whether it is Japanese or English along with several services.


Media Platforms for U.S.-Japanese Multiculturalism

Culture Exchange Program serves as a bridge to connect Japanese and international perspectives to the world.

◈ Our Latest Episode: Ep.4: Time to Travel!


"Thank you for this wonderful program"

-- Language Help

"Right now, my child struggles in English but I now see potential for my daughter to become bilingual by seeing the passionate bilingual volunteers. I hope my daughter will grow up kind like them. Thank you so so much for this opportunity. As a parent, I found out a lot of things and feel grateful for this experience."

-- Language Help

"Thank you for the easy to understand Japanese, it really helped my child!"

-- Language Help

"I thought that the choice of your books were very thought through, as they were educating and meaningful"

-- Language Help

Connecting U.S

Ringo Connect is a 501(c)3 certified nonprofit organization that aims to provide services for the development of language and multicultural skills, with goals of promoting both Japanese-English bilingualism and multiculturalism.

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